Tewksbury, NJ
Jon Black

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I know the rush of taking an idea and turning it into a revenue-generating business. I know the grind of bootstrapping to keep it going. I know what it feels like to fail. But above all, I know that all that experience just carries over to the next venture.

I'm interested in other mission-driven businesses that share my values. Technical or product roles are ideal. I'm also an angel investor for those seeking funding of under < $10k.

Areas of interest are food & beverage, fashion, health & wellness, music & entertainment.


Black Hill Farm

Stay. Eat. Gather. Explore. Recover.


Keep it local. Keep it independent.


Small business consultant.



Entertainment management and creative agency. Worked with artist and producers; Foxy Shazam, Bad Rabbits, Cody B Ware, Zak Waters, The Number 12 Looks Like You, and Jayson DeZuzio. 2006 - 2013.


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